DCC Traveler 

Standing at Stud

Champion Curly Sporthorse

Traveler embodies the spirit and soul of the Curly horse - proud and hard-working but with a calm and curious personality.  

He has sired 100% Curly foals from both Curly and Straight mares.  

By passing on his amazing temperament, movement and attitude, he is definitely an excellent addition to your breeding program.

If you are looking for a sire that will improve upon your horse’s talents – DCC Traveler is the stallion to do the job.

Traveler has a 100% conception rate and a 100% Curly offspring rate – no matter the breed of the mare.
We accept outside mares and can offer Live Cover.

Traveler's Story

Traveler currently competes in one of the most difficult

and demanding equestrian sports

- 3 Day Eventing.

Breeding Services

Traveler passes on his athleticism and his curls to all of his foals.  Traveler has a 100% conception rate.  Currently available for 2017 Bookings.

Contact Us

We would love to discuss your breeding plans for the future.  You can contact us at 


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