Water Complex at Stanton Farms

About DCC Traveler

Strong, athletic and handsome – DCC Traveler stands out as a cut above the rest.  As a successful Eventing horse, he has proven himself in all 3 aspects of the sport – Dressage, Stadium Jumping and Cross-Country.  Traveler’s son, Timbuktu, is also proving to as successful in Eventing as his sire.

In a sport populated by hundreds of dark colored horses, Traveler stands out as a on-of-a-kind horse.  He is a flaxen sorrel sabino-colored horse with a wild, double & curly mane - catching the eyes of all the competitors and bystanders.

2016 Awards / Accomplishments

  • Eventing Grand Champion - Combined Training, International Curly Horse Organization

  • Horse of the Year, Grand Champion - Combined Training, Curly Sporthorse International

  • Area 7 Championships - 10th Place, Aspen Farms (no time / jump faults)

  • 2nd Place - Stanton Farms Horse Trials (no time / jump faults)

  • 4th Place - DX Eventing, Rainbow Meadows (no time / jump faults)

  • 4th Place - Deary Horse Trials (no time / jump faults)

  • 3 First Place Ribbons - Summer Series Champion, Curly Sporthorse International

Our Boys

In 2016 Traveler won the ICHO Eventing Champion award and received the Champion Horse of the Year recognition by the Curly Sporthorse International registry.

Timbuktu, Traveler's son, received the Champion Horse of the Year award, twice, being ridden by 2 separate riders in 2016.  

(One adult, one child.)

Both horses received no jumping or time faults for their competitions in 2016!  Their competitions totaled 10 separate events – 3 strenuous days of competing each event.  

Timbuktu also qualified for the 2016 Aspen Championships for Area 7.

DCC Traveler placed in the Top Ten at the Aspen Farm Area 7 Championships and proved his ability to compete with the best of the best in 2016.

Traveler Getting Ready to Compete
DCC Traveler

Owner/Rider Liz Mattke

Timbuktu, winning 2nd place at Deary Horse Trials

Rider - Luna Mattke, age 10

Timbuktu qualifying for Championships

Owner/Rider - Liz Mattke