Another Curly champion is born!
The two newest additions to the ranch

We Love Our Foals and What We Do!

DCC Traveler has a 100% conception rate and a 100% Curly offspring rate - no matter the breed of the mare.  

We offer Live Cover and handle both the mare & the stallion during breeding time.  The safety of your mare is of great importance to us.  We offer a Live Foal Guarantee and have a 100% customer satisfaction rate!

DCC Traveler is open to breeding during the months of March - May.  Please contact us to discuss booking your mare to Traveler and to receive the Breeding Contract.

Breeding Fees

$600 - Breeding Fee

You have a Live Foal Guarantee when breeding to Traveler.  Your mare's pregnancy will be confirmed through Golden Veterinary Services before leaving the ranch.

Mare Care

Mare Care is $2.50 / day.  Mare will be stabled in an open field adjacent to Traveler during her stay.  Mare care includes pasture & hay - fed 3 times a day.

Additional Costs

All veterinary costs during your mare's stay will be paid to Golden Veterinary Services prior to leaving the ranch.  This generally includes routine pregnancy checks & ultrasound.  

All breeding & mare care costs will be paid to Traveling Moon Ranch prior to leaving the ranch.