Vacation is Over and We're Back in Business

We fought off the rainy weather and winter blues by heading to Central America for 2 weeks in March. Belize is everything you imagine it to be - palm trees, great people, delicious food and warm waters for swimming. The girls went out on two snorkeling trips with Mark (my husband) and myself.

Mark and I managed to fit in 2 dives - and I ended up swimming, unknowingly, right next to a Bull Shark! Thankfully, it was more curious than hungry.

Our trip took us on a 5 hour bus ride from Belize to Guatemala where we spent a day on the island of Flores and 2 days in Tikal exploring the Mayan ruins.

Suntanned and relaxed we are now back home and getting the horses into shape again for the upcoming season. Now if only the rain would stop....

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